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Karen Yamallel

A Fitness Trainer & Wellness Advocate with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better

Leading a healthy lifestyle should not be a punishment. It is a decision of empowerment and self-esteem that we can all choose. I believe that training your body to be healthy by exercising and eating well should be enjoyable. Should our muscles wake up sore, the pleasure of exercising our body and filling it with energy in a sexy, fun way will be worth it. 

Dance has always been what I like to do the most. From dance classes to dancing at a party, it is always the method that my body recognizes as its form of true expression. From Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico to Oshawa, Ontario I began this project as a means to share my greatest passions: exercise and well-being.

Flow Fitness started in 2017 as a web page with online exercises and prerecorded fitness challenges... but recording and editing videos is more difficult than one thinks!  I put this on hold, only to return with better planning and a new home... Canada!

Today returns as online LIVE classes and a blog where I share with you a little of my days learning to adapt to my new life. There will be interviews with Nutrition and Wellness Coaches, Exercise, delicious and super healthy recipes that have changed my life and a thousand other things!

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